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Only ones in town that owns the type of high-tech diagnostics like they have, no one else offers that type of machinery! Images included of the equipment.

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Without a doubt, the most popular of our services is auto repair. Our customers are busy people..

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In addition to our highly respected car repair services, the auto shop at C&T Auto can handle a..

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Most vehicles suffer through a great deal of wear and tear during the daily commute, and our car..

At C&T Auto, we know that there’s never a good time for any kind of breakdown, whether it’s a car, a truck, or even a lawnmower. Our professional diagnostics and repair teams make sure that quick repairs save the day, getting drivers back out on the roads as quickly as possible.

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A Small Business with a Local Focus

C&T Auto proudly serves Strasburg, Colorado, and the surrounding areas with excellent repair services and cutting-edge technology. Our goal is to maintain a friendly business with local charm, one that can expertly meet our customers’ needs while getting them back on the road more quickly than any of our competitors in the area.

Cutting-Edge Equipment Makes Us Highly Efficient

All too often, competing auto repair shops use outdated technology that simply isn’t very good at working with today’s engines and computers. That isn’t what customers will find when they choose us for their next repair. We offer current technology, expert technicians, and professional mechanics, who will be able to diagnose and fix a problem very quickly. That means better, safer, and more enjoyable driving for our customers.

Engines of All Kinds Can be Fixed at C&T Auto

Most car repair shops focus solely on fixing engines in major cars and diesel vehicles. While we specialize in those two things, we also offer much more.

We offer:
• Oil changes that include an inspection, and free tire rotation
• Alignments
• Tire repair, replacement, and rotation
• Brakes
• Rotors
• Brake pads
• Brake lines
• Flushing break lines
• Diagnostic
• Fuel pump &water pumps
• Leaks ( transmission, water, coolant, and oil)
• DOT inspections
• We accept fleet accounts