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Gotta Go Tuning up and running!

Auto Shop

In addition to our highly respected car repair services, the auto shop at C&T Auto can handle a number of other engines that are quite common among today’s households. Sure, the vehicle engine is easily the most popular one that we service and the most popular one that our customers actually use on a daily basis. But other things, from the lawnmower to the snowblower and beyond, also have engines that can run into trouble from time to time.

Expert Mechanics with Diverse Engine Knowledge

Many of our competitors have hired mechanics who are very limited in their knowledge, specializing only in diesel or traditional engines. That’s fine for some customers, of course, but it’s not good for a vast array of people who frequently need engine repairs even on smaller equipment. Unlike our auto shop competitors, we don’t exclude that group of people. Our skills include smaller engines, and we can repair them with the same ease and efficiency that we dedicated to larger engines.

Get the Full Package at C&T Auto

One of the main benefits of servicing engines of all sizes is that we can be a one-stop auto shop for customers in need of several different repairs. That saves our customers time, and it allows us to afford our customers great savings on repair service. Because we can integrate multiple repair processes, it’s possible for us to work even more quickly and efficiency than many of our competitors in the area.